Jason Sadoian Talks Strong Lemon Market and Bee Sweet Citrus' Advantages and Benefits

Wed. August 4th, 2021 - by Jordan Okumura

FOWLER, CA - Any way you slice it, lemons are a solid staple in the produce department. Their versatility across sweet or savory recipes and their highly desired real estate in libations make them a category manager’s best friend. With demand currently outweighing supply for companies like Bee Sweet Citrus, the time is now for retailers to get ahead on lemon program planning and execution.

With his finger on the pulse of the market, Sales Representative Jason Sadoian joins me to talk shop and share the strength of today’s consumer love of lemons as we break through this first part of August.

Jason Sadoian, Sales Representative, Bee Sweet Citrus“Right now, Bee Sweet’s lemons are coming from California’s District Two region—Salinas to Oxnard—as well as being imported from Chile,” Jason tells me. “On the U.S. West Coast, the lemon market is very active and strong in terms of price. Supply is getting better as more containers are getting off-loaded and released from the port.”

To give us a broader look at market performance when it comes to the lemon category, Jason adds that the last few summers have been similar in terms of supply and demand on the West Coast.

With demand outweighing supply and strong pricing present in the lemon market, Bee Sweet Citrus is urging buyers to start planning ahead for their category programs

“Lemons are typically very popular during the summer season, so retailers should be engaging with their supplier partners on a regular basis to keep their lemon destination strong and consistent,” he says. “Bee Sweet Citrus understands the dynamic and the headwinds that can come with heightened consumer demand, so let us be there for you for your citrus needs.”

As a grower, packer, and shipper of premium lemon supplies, Bee Sweet Citrus offers customers the ability to load in one central location in Fowler, California, as well as the marketing and merchandising support necessary to make the category a win-win this summer and well into the future.

Currently, Bee Sweet Citrus' lemons are coming from California’s District Two region—Salinas to Oxnard—and are also being imported from Chile

For more on the lemon market and all things produce, please keep checking back with AndNowUKnow and the suppliers that make the fresh citrus category thrive.

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