Jewel-Osco and Fresh Farms Launch "Taste to Believe" Campaign for Candy Grapes; Charly Molina Comments

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Fri. July 7th, 2023 - by Chandler James

MEXICO - Just a couple of months ago, we pulled back the curtain on Fresh Farms’ creative new campaign, Taste to Believe. Today, we dive deeper into the campaign, which is connecting more Jewel-Osco shoppers with delicious candy grapes.

Charly Molina, Creative Director, Fresh Farms“By emphasizing extraordinary flavors and creating visually appealing experiences, we can drive awareness, demand, and sales within the grape category,” said Charly Molina, Creative Director at Fresh Farms, who is in charge of shaping the campaign's direction and ensuring its success.

As a press release explained, Fresh Farms and Jewel-Osco aim to enhance the overall consumer experience and build a positive association with candy grapes through the innovative campaign.

Fresh Farms revealed its newest creative campaign, Taste to Believe, and Jewel-Osco is helping enhance the shopper experience of these delicious candy grapes

This promotional effort aims to increase sales and elevate the prominence of the unique product in the market, placing a strong emphasis on delivering visually appealing experiences for consumers. To create a buzz around these flavorful candy grapes, the campaign harnesses eye-catching in-store displays, engaging food demos, and other interactive elements to capture shopper attention.

As the release went on to note, Fresh Farms is committed to delivering a promotion that not only drives business growth but also establishes a lasting connection between consumers and the delightful world of candy grapes.

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