To-Jo Mushrooms Fundraises to Save the Ta-Tas

Thu. October 26th, 2017
- by Jordan Okumura     

AVONDALE, PN – TA-TA TA DA! After concerted fundraising efforts, Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition was presented with a check from To-Jo Mushrooms on October 25th.

The produce company finished its annual Health Fair Week, which gathered proceeds throughout the months of September and October from employee fundraising efforts.

To-Jo's Fundraises to Save the Ta-Tas

As a health-conscious company that promotes overall wellness, specific attention was drawn to breast cancer awareness with a "Save the Ta-Tas" campaign.

Tony D'Amico, President, To-Jo Mushrooms

“Bringing awareness to important health issues is a core part of our employee wellness program. This year’s 'Save the Ta-Tas' campaign gave us a platform to not only educate our employees on Breast Cancer, but also help provide education and awareness to our surrounding communities,” said Tony D’Amico, President, in a recent press release.

To-Jo's Fundraises to Save the Ta-Tas

And save them, they will! During the health-focused week, the determined organization's specific “Save the Ta-Tas" campaign resulted in a $1,650 check to the Coalition.

Thanks to the contributions of “Save the Ta-Tas” branded t-shirts and awareness bracelets, costume jewelry, pink rose sales, and 50/50 raffle tickets, To-Jo’s fundraising efforts proved successful to support the Coalition’s mission to, “represent, support, and serve breast cancer survivors and their families here in Pennsylvania, through educational programming, legislative advocacy, and breast cancer research grants.”

By raising funds for the Coalition through its “Save the Ta-Tas” campaign, To-Jo was able to educate its employees about preventative measures.

To-Jo's Fundraises to Save the Ta-Tas

What sets this fundraising experience apart from some others is its messaging, as it wraps education around the whole experience. To-Jo's focus on awareness arms employees with tools needed for themselves and to share with every other ta-ta toting friend they meet. On October 19th, during To-Jo’s Health Fair, a Lunch & Learn session with Chester County Hospital illustrated these measures with an educational exhibit by the Coalition.

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