Keystone Fruit Marketing's Matthew Gideon Discusses Sweet Onion Push Ahead of Thanksgiving

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Tue. November 23rd, 2021 - by Chandler James

GREENCASTLE, PA - There are less than two days left until Thanksgiving, and that means frenzied shoppers will be hitting the produce department to stock up on key ingredients like onions. Keystone Fruit Marketing is ready for the push and has all hands on deck as Matthew Gideon, Commodity Manager, spoke with M. Andrea Scoggs to give retailers the lowdown on the company’s sweet onions and how they can be used to boost register rings during the holidays.

Matthew Gideon, Sweet Onion Commodity Manager, Keystone Fruit Marketing“Well, our sweet onions can be used in a variety of dishes for Thanksgiving. Mayan Sweets can elevate just about any meal,” said Gideon. “I think that is what makes them so versatile and easy to use in your cooking on a regular basis! I will use Mayan Sweets in a sweet onion and goat cheese bruschetta, in my cornbread dressing, in my turkey gravy made from the turkey drippings, and in my sweet onion casserole!”

Is your mouth watering? Because mine sure is, and I’m positive consumers’ will be too if they see these decadent recipes displayed next to sweet onions in the aisles. And we all know that tastebuds are the fastest way to shoppers’ wallets.

Keystone Fruit Marketing is readying for the holiday push as the company's sweet onions can be used in a variety of seasonal dishes

With Turkey Day just around the corner, Gideon also shared some of his favorite recipes that could be used to inspire larger basket share across the produce department this season.

“My favorite part of my Thanksgiving meal is the dessert! I have a huge sweet tooth and in a perfect world, I’d just eat dessert! I love all things pumpkin. Pies and cookies... all of it! Being from Texas, we mostly prepare cornbread stuffing, so I enjoy making my grandmother’s recipes and then adding my own personal touch to them,” he explained. “We all have had canned cranberry sauce, but I’d say try making your own fresh cranberry sauce. It is very easy, and it definitely takes your Thanksgiving meal up a notch!”

Sounds like a great opportunity for retailers to add pumpkin pie ingredients to their displays—if they haven’t already—to grab a few extra sales. Additionally, merchandising fresh cranberries along with staple ingredients like onions, celery, and carrots for stuffing could prove fruitful as the big day approaches.

With unique recipes serving as a way to drive sales, Matthew Gideon will be collaborating with Keystone's marketing team to bring his chef skills to its website and inspire more cross-merchandising opportunities with onions

Seeing as Keystone has a year-round onion program in place, according to a release, Gideon hinted that he will be utilizing his kitchen skills to promote the category in the future. Could this be more unique recipes to inspire cross-merchandising and displays?

“I’m collaborating with our marketing team to add some spice to Keystone Kitchen. Soon, you’ll be seeing these chef skills on our website…stay tuned!” Gideon teased.

With ovens starting to preheat and the clock ticking down to Thanksgiving, heed Keystone’s advice and watch registers start lighting up.

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