Kroger Teams With Apeel Sciences for Avocados, Asparagus, and Limes

Wed. September 18th, 2019
- by Maggie Mead     

CINCINNATI, OH; SANTA BARBARA, CA - Apeel Sciences has lately been making bold moves to enhance its supplier network, bolstering its ability to provide high-quality, fresh produce year-round. Mega retailer Kroger, it seems, has taken notice, partnering with Apeel to distribute the company’s longer-lasting avocados in more than 1,100 Kroger stores in the U.S.

"Kroger is excited to offer more customers Apeel avocados and introduce longer-lasting limes and asparagus, marking another milestone on our journey to achieving our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste vision," said Frank Romero, Kroger's Vice President of Produce. "Apeel's innovative food-based solution has proven to extend the life of perishable produce, reducing food waste in transport, in our retail stores, and in our customers' homes."

Kroger is partnering with Apeel to distribute the company’s longer-lasting avocados as well as Apeel limes and Apeel asparagus

Kroger also plans to introduce two new produce categories—Apeel limes and Apeel asparagus—through a pilot in the Cincinnati, Ohio, market this fall, according to a press release.

The expansion of Apeel’s avocados is the result of a successful pilot that Kroger launched a year ago in 109 of its Midwest stores. The pilot significantly reduced category food waste, which is a boon for both consumers and retailers. The company’s avocados, limes, and asparagus retain their just-harvested quality for longer than produce without Apeel technology. The company’s produce is also less reliant on refrigeration, extending consumers’ access to fresh fruits and vegetables and reducing food waste.

James Rogers, CEO, Apeel Sciences"Kroger is leading the way to alleviate the foodwaste crisis at every level, from its supply chain to its retail stores to the homes of over 11 million customers who shop at Kroger every day," said James Rogers, CEO of Apeel Sciences. "We're excited to expand our partnership with Kroger to further prevent food waste while simultaneously giving families more access and time to enjoy healthy fresh produce."

The pilot significantly reduced category food waste, which is a boon for both consumers and retailers

Kroger’s partnership with Apeel will potentially prevent millions of pieces of produce from ending up in a landfill each year, resulting in:

  • Millions of avocados "rescued" from going to waste
  • Dozens of acres of farmland preserved
  • Emission reductions of thousands of metric tons in greenhouse gases
  • Over a billion gallons of water use savings
  • 100,000+ GJ of non-renewable energy reductions

The food-waste issues facing the U.S. are increasingly urgent—an estimated 40 percent of food produced is thrown away, while one in eight Americans struggle with hunger. If even one-third of this food is saved, it would impact consumers’ access to food tremendously. Reducing food waste is beneficial for the environment as well, since food waste comprises roughly eight percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions that cause harm to the Earth.

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