Lakeside Organic Gardens Introduces Organic Fioretto

Thu. June 25th, 2020 - by Lilian Diep

WATSONVILLE, CA - The produce industry never fails to excite me. Every day, new innovations and creations pop up on our radar, such as Lakeside Organic Gardens’ Organic Fioretto. The flowering cauliflower is making its debut for the first time, and I cannot wait to see it in stores!

“We believe we are the only growers growing Fioretto organically,” the company stated in a press release. “We’ve planted a small trialing section, enough to generate customer awareness and market traction, and feel there will be a strong demand for this edible bouquet of cream-colored florets.”

Lakeside Organic Gardens is debuting Organic Fioretto, a flowering cauliflower that is launching for the first time in U.S. stores

According to the press release, Lakeside Organic has added this new and uniquely organic commodity to the market. Organic Fioretto, also commonly known as flowering cauliflower or caulilini, was originally developed by a Japanese seed company in 2014. The Fioretto, or “little flower” in Italian, has made its way into the U.S.

Fioretto is in the brassica family and is a natural hybrid. It is striking in color, has a mild and slightly sweet flavor, and the tender light-green stems with white florets are ideal for light cooking or serving raw for dipping. The variety is eye-catching when paired with sweet baby broccoli.

Lakeside Organic Gardens' new Organic Fioretto, also commonly known as flowering cauliflower, was originally developed by a Japanese seed company in 2014

There are many ways consumers can enjoy the flowering cauliflower. It also serves as a great talking point for retailers as they can offer tips in-store including sautéeing the Fioretto with a hint of butter and sea salt, stir-frying quickly, pickling, or using in tempura.

The new organic variety comes in 8 oz clamshells in an eight-count pack.

Act fast, retailers! For I see this newcomer as a fresh favorite consumers will be clamoring for—I know I will be keeping my eyes out for it.

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