Laura Severance of Charlie's Produce Wins July Snack Logo Contest

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Mon. August 21st, 2023 - by Anne Allen

SACRAMENTO, CA - Who was the lucky industry member that cracked the visual code on our latest Snack logo contest? None other than the lovely Laura Severance, Marketing Manager of Charlie’s Produce, who was named our July champion and walked away with 100 smackaroos.

Laura Severance, Marketing Manager, Charlie's Produce“I absolutely love receiving The Snack and have a library of past issues in my office that I often share with my team,” she shared when receiving news of her win. “The quality of the content, the layout, and the beautiful print itself are all very inspiring! I plan on taking my team out for lunch with my prize, thanks ANUK!”

As a reminder, the Snack logo contest rules require submissions showing your smiling face while pointing at the ANUK logo on the cover of The Snack Magazine, and the countdown does not begin until we announce it in our daily newsletter. Once you’ve spotted it, snap a selfie and send it on over with the subject line of your email stating “FOUND the Apple Logo.”

Laura Severance of Charlie’s Produce took home the $100 prize for our July Snack logo contest

Congratulations to Laura on this win!

Stay tuned, industry friends, for there will soon be another chance to get $100 richer.

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