Limoneira Appoints Debra Walker as Director of Human Resources

Fri. January 29th, 2021 - by Peggy Packer

SANTA PAULA, CA - It’s always exciting when a new leader is announced in our industry, and we at AndNowUKnow are eager to share the news that Limoneira has announced its new Director of Human Resources, Debra Walker.

Debra Walker, Director of Human Resources, LimoneiraWalker will take on this new role effective February 5. Prior to joining the company, Walker served as the General Manager of The Marlin Packing Company in Yuma, Arizona, for nearly a decade, before Limoneira acquired the packing company in 2014. After the acquisition, Walker took on the role of Human Resources Manager and General Manager of Yuma Operations for Limoneira.

According to the release, Walker obtained a bachelor’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from San Diego State University.

Limoneira is expanding its leadership prowess with the appointment of Debra Walker as the new Director of Human Resources

Walker will replace the former Director of Human Resources, Kathleen Thompson, who has been working with Limoneira for 23 years.

Harold Edwards, President and Chief Executive Officer, Limoneira“We are grateful to Kathleen for her leadership and years of loyal service to the company,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Harold Edwards. “And we look forward to welcoming Debra to her new role at Limoneira.”

Congratulations to Debra Walker on her new appointment! We at ANUK look forward to reporting on the successes that result from it.