Loblaw Commits to Corporate Giving

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Tue. January 22nd, 2019
- by Maggie Mead     

BRAMPTON, CANADA - The major Canadian retailer is in the giving mood these days, offering $1.5 million in grant money to organizations committed to sustainable food, as well as many other beneficial charities, in an effort to cement in its corporate culture a dedication to giving back and investing in the future.

Loblaw has implemented a plan of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) driven by its company purpose, Live Life Well. Its core principals center around sourcing responsibly, respecting the environment, and making a positive difference in communities. The goal is to be an innovative contributor to the future of both Canada and the world. The company’s charitable initiative prioritizes investments based on urgency of the issue and importance in making a tangible difference.

Loblaw has implemented a plan of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) driven by its company purpose, Live Life Well

Loblaw Companies Limited and George Western Limited have teamed up to give seed funding for programs devoted to sustainable food challenges, with the focus on production, distribution, and consumption initiatives.

According to a promotional video, “Food is central to our business and of course to us as human beings. Since 2016, Loblaw Companies Limited and George Weston Limited have partnered on seeding food innovation grants. Through this initiative we offer 1.5 million dollars in grants per year to universities, colleges, or nonprofit organizations whose research helps advance solutions to sustainable food challenges.”

The requirements for who the company will provide grant money to include scientific rigour and innovation, vision and scope, commitment to knowledge mobilization, and likelihood of success.

"Our focus is on ways to grow more food with fewer resources and reduce the impact of agriculture on our shared environment," states the promotional video. "Research outcomes will not only benefit Canadians but address issues of global concern."

In addition to the grant money provided to organizations looking to innovate in the sustainability field, the company also donates to a number of other worthy charities including PC Children’s Charity, which focuses on childhood hunger and delivering nutritional education to children in Canada; Putting Women’s Health First, which helps women stay focused on being their best in body, mind, and spirit; and various local charities, in an effort to be an active participant in the betterment of its community.

Well done Loblaw! AndNowUKnow will keep you updated on more acts of charity.