Locus Traxx Promoting Product Line at Fruit Attraction Trade Fair

Mon. September 29th, 2014
- by Jordan Okumura     

MADRID, SPAIN - Locus Traxx has announced that it will be bringing its range of innovative logistics products, like the SmartTraxx Portable and SmartTraxx GO units, to Madrid's Fruit Attraction trade fair this Fall.

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With the opening of its European office in Belgium earlier this year, Locus Traxx has been striving to expand its European presence. The Fruit Attraction trade fair offered Locus Traxx a premier stage for raising awareness about its products, and the company is seizing on this opportunity to introduce its SmartTraxx GO real-time monitoring device to the Spanish market.

Ray Hoffman, Managing Director of European Venture“The device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, its activation is as simple as pulling a tab, it allows to you to know the location and temperature of the product at any time and the best part is if there is a problem you’ll be notified in real time,” explained Ray Hoffman, Managing Director of the European venture of Locus Traxx Worldwide. “The objective is to provide the shippers and owners of the product with a reliable and completely transparent source of information on how their fruits and vegetables are handled.”

Hoffman intends to use Fruit Attraction as a venue to meet and get to know the principal fresh produce growers and shippers in Spain, sharing with them how Locus Traxx products can increase the the transparency and security of their operations.

“Our main goal is introduce the Spanish industry to our exciting new way of monitoring perishable products in real time,” said Hoffman. “We also want to get to know them, their businesses and their needs, as we are always open to customising our services to our customers’ specific needs.”

He continued, “Spain is one of the leading fruit and vegetable exporters in Europe and therefore it is a top priority for us to increase the visibility of our company in Spain and have the players in the Spanish market discover the unmatched advantages of our temperature and location monitoring solutions.”

So far, the industry's reaction in Europe has been very positive, increasing Hoffman's confidence in the future growth prospects of the booming company.

“People have given an incredibly positive reaction to our real time monitoring solutions as they address many of their problems and concerns in real time,” he said. “We are looking to grow our Spanish partner base and have more and more companies in the Spanish industry benefit from it.”

Congratulations on these successes, Locus Traxx!

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