Mac Riggan Details Chelan Fresh's Honeycrisp Supply and New Point-of-Sale Support

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Thu. June 10th, 2021
- by Melissa De Leon Chavez     

CHELAN, WA - Apples have exploded in terms of flavor and variety. Among them, Honeycrisp stands as a stalwart of today’s brand age, gaining success and sales while being one of the first to be asked for by name. Chelan Fresh wields that strength across its Honeycrisp program, empowering retail programs with its prowess and commitments to excellence.

Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, Chelan Fresh“We proudly hold one of the strongest positions in the promotional market for Honeycrisp during this part of the year,” Mac Riggan, Director of Marketing, reminds me.

He points out that Honeycrisp’s popularity withstands all seasons, meeting summer needs for on-the-go snacking, salads, and more just as easily as it does the typical autumn dishes.

Chelan Fresh will have promotional supplies of its organic Honeycrisps through July 15

To further advocate for retail success, Chelan Fresh is offering buy-side partners full POS support for their in-store sales needs, including a high-resolution bin to draw consumer traffic and generate more opportunities for impulse buys.

“This is an apple the consumer wants beyond just the fall, and it can often be underestimated how high demand can get in the summer. Should your Honeycrisp supply dry up, we have an entire summers’ worth of the variety,” Mac assures.

Chelan Fresh is currently flushed with Honeycrisp that will run into its new crop harvest, making for a smooth transition and no gaps for the high-ring variety. The time is now to connect with Chelan Fresh to ensure a seamless season at retail.

To promote its Honeycrisp variety, Chelan Fresh is offering its buy-side partners full POS support, including a high-resolution bin to increase consumer traffic

“We are seeing beautiful promotional quality for our organic Honeycrisp and will continue to do so through the week of July 15. The Chelan Fresh conventional Honeycrisp crop will carry our retail partners through the end of August as well,” Mac concludes.

The Honeycrisp is unquestionably a mainstay in the apple market, and thus the produce department, as demand continues to defy calendar restraints. Luckily, so can your offerings.

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