Mann Packing's Viva La Veggies Study Shows Produce Saves Costs and More for Foodservice Operations

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Wed. February 17th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SALINAS, CA – It’s well-known that the push for more produce-centric plates continues to strengthen on the industry side, but what about consumer perception on the front line of food trends?

After having conducted a study called “Viva la Veggies,” Mann Packing Company, Inc. has a deeper insight into foodservice operators’ awareness, attitude, and usage of vegetables, as well as consumers’ perception of greener menus.

Gina Nucci, Director of Foodservice Marketing, Mann Packing Company, Inc."This new report is completely in line with what we’re hearing from our customers: there has been a definite shift toward all things veggie,” Gina Nucci, Director of Foodservice Marketing for Mann’s, commented, according to a press release. “Creating menus that are veg-centric is a win-win for both operators and consumers.”

Watch Mann's recent video about consumers' growing love of veggies below:

Conducted by Technomic, an independent research firm, the survey encompassed 305 foodservice operators across an equal mix of commercial and non-commercial segments and collected in-depth information about current food trends, how vegetables are used, and future menu applications.

Some of the company’s key findings included the following:

  • Consumer perceptions about better-for-you menu options have shifted. In the past, health concerns centered around low-fat, low-calorie or low-sugar. Attention is now directed toward whole grains, high nutritional value, and full vegetable servings.
  • More than half of the operators surveyed see economic value in serving more vegetables, and one-third have increased vegetable portion size to reduce the overall cost of a dish.
  • 34 percent of operators find that using veggies in the center of the plate adds more flavor and color to the dish.

As for information specific to Mann’s products, the company found good news in the results. Two-fifths of operators surveyed reported that they purchase ready-to-use vegetables, while one-third of operators that don’t are interested in purchasing them in the future.

Key factors that piqued that interest included ease of use, availability of clean product, and its ability to save time.

In fact, Mann’s reported that three of the vegetables in its Power Blend (kale, kohlrabi, and Brussels sprouts) are in the top 10 vegetables considered “cutting edge” by operators, while four out of the top five are products of Mann’s: kale, Kalettes™, kohlrabi, and Broccolini®.

To access the full Viva la Veggies report, click here. While registration is required, it’s free of charge. Even more tools, including additional summaries and infographics, are available on the company’s new foodservice blog, Mann, That’s Easy. To see the blog, click here.

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