Mas Melons and Grapes Expands its Asparagus Program

Fri. September 16th, 2016
- by Eva Roethler     

RIO RICO, AZ- Mas Melons & Grapes has big plans in the works for next season, as the company ramps up its asparagus program to bring consistent supplies from October through May. 

Miguel "Mikee" Suarez, Salesman, Mas Melons & Grapes“Thanks to strategic commercial alliances with our growers in the state of Sonora, we now can assure our customers an over extended supply of fresh and flavorful asparagus from Mexico,” said Salesman Miguel (Mikee) Suarez.

During Mas Melons’ West Mexico season, grapes and asparagus are meticulously handled throughout the entire distribution chain to ensure cold chain integrity, according to a press release. This enables the company to maintain the quality, flavor, and safety of the produce at the highest international standards.

Miguel "Miky" Suarez, President, Mas Melons & Grapes“Our goal is not to become the largest asparagus grower and distributor out of Mexico but one with a focus and commitment to quality and flavor,” said President Miguel (Miky) Suarez. “These asparagus are grown only 170 miles south from the U.S. border by Alberto Vanegas, who is also a partner in Mas Melons & Grapes.”

Mas Melons & Grapes asparagus are typically packed in a stalk in both 11 lb. and 28 lb. foam-lined plastic cartons. This packaging helps to protect and promote freshness and flavor all the way through the supply chain.

Mas Melons & Grapes prides itself on the close relationships the company has cultivated with a network of some of the most recognized Mexican growers. This group, according to the company, is knowledgeable and complies with all food safety and quality requirements.

Mas Melons & Grapes