Mastronardi Produce® Unveils New SUNSET® SHIELD Program to Help Protect Employees

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Mon. May 4th, 2020 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

KINGSVILLE, ON, CANADA - Great leaders are made in moments of adversity and help to raise the bar in times of need. Mastronardi Produce® Ltd. is achieving a coveted milestone this month as it adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic with the creation of the SUNSET® SHIELD program to help protect its employees.

Paul Mastronardi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mastronardi Produce®“I’m incredibly grateful and proud of how our Flavor Army has come together to ensure we maintain the critical food supply,” said President and CEO Paul Mastronardi.

Mastronardi Produce acted quickly in late February as news of the spread of COVID-19 aired to ensure the safety of its employees and the stability of its supply chain. With its team top of mind, many of the company’s staff were transitioned to working remotely and a task force, made up of cross-functional leaders, was established to focus on the people and the ever-changing landscape during this disruptive time.

“We’ve been adapting day-to-day as this pandemic has unfolded and with the creation of the SUNSET SHIELD program, we are giving our Flavor Army yet another tool to help keep them safe,” Paul expressed.

Mastronardi Produce’s SUNSET SHIELD program will help employees remember critical steps to take in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help raise a standard across operations in the industry.


  • S – SOCIAL DISTANCE. Watch your 6’.
  • H – HEALTH. If you’re sick. STAY HOME!
  • I – INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION. Always use your PPE.
  • E – ENGAGE REMOTELY. Use technology to communicate. Even in the office.
  • L – LOOK. Read and obey all posted signage and guides.
  • D – DEEP CLEAN. Frequent handwashing and sanitization.

In addition, vigorous measures were taken to protect workers who needed to remain onsite. These measures have included social distancing practices, increased cleaning, and sanitation. With a forward-looking approach, the company also significantly increased its communication touchpoints with employees and unveiled an online portal available to employees, where they can access important messages, resources, and submit their questions and concerns.

Mastronardi Produce®’s SUNSET® SHIELD program will help employees remember critical steps to take in order to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and help raise a standard across operations in the industry

For almost two months now, while some of the staff have worked remotely, the company has been able to focus on its frontline workers. Now, as the population in both the U.S. and Canada consider returning to work, the company is dealing with yet another challenge: the safe, phased-in return to work of its remote workforce.

“With the addition of more staff in our facilities, it’s important that our employees understand what steps we all need to take to remain safe and healthy,” Paul shared. “Our employees are the heart of this company, and they are incredibly passionate about what they do. They are truly world-class in every way. Without this team, we would not be here, and making sure they’re protected is something that I personally take very seriously.”

Stories like SUNSET’s new SHIELD program help to inform the retailer and the consumer of the steps our industry’s finest are taking at this time. The new SUNSET SHIELD program will be launched immediately and will be continuously adapted to the ever-changing needs during this pandemic.

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