Mastronardi Produce® Wins Awards for Flavor and Quality at Local and International Competitions; Paul Mastronardi Comments

Fri. June 17th, 2022 - by Anne Allen

KINGSVILLLE, ONTARIO, CANADA - Mastronardi Produce® struck award gold recently, taking home awards at two recent competitions for exceptional flavor and quality. This past week, SUNSET® took top honors at the Leamington Greenhouse Competition, including Best Overall Strawberry for its SUNSET WOW® pearberry™. And earlier this month, Mastronardi Produce and its partner BerryWorld® received seven awards from the International Taste Institute for SUNSET and WOW Berries brands at the 2022 Superior Taste Awards.

Paul Mastronardi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mastronardi Produce®“Both of these awards represent significant victories for Mastronardi Produce and are a tribute to our unwavering efforts to place flavor first across all our brands,” says Paul Mastronardi, President and Chief Executive Officer. “It is a tremendous honor and extremely validating to be recognized for the investment we make in taste and quality by culinary experts both within our local community and worldwide. Mastronardi Produce employees can be proud that we are delivering on our mission to inspire healthy living through WOW flavor experiences.”

As noted in the company’s release, Mastronardi Produce won the most awards of any competitor at the Leamington Greenhouse Awards—no small feat! At the competition, SUNSET also earned the most Chef’s Choice Awards, a new category for the competition in which Greenhouse Competition Chef Henry Furtado hand-selected the products that inspired him the most out of 136 submissions. Submitted as part of the new Specialty Berry category for 2022, BerryWorld Raspberries were crowned the victor for their succulently sweet Diamond Jubilee raspberry.

Mastronardi Produce® recently took home awards at two competitions across multiple categories, highlighting its products’ exceptional flavor and quality

The annual Leamington Greenhouse Competition is hosted by R.E.A.C.H. International, a locally funded charitable organization. Entries are judged through a blind taste test by a panel of experts, including representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs, chefs, and Produce Managers.

The International Taste Institute, which hosts the Superior Taste Awards in Brussels, Belgium, has a similarly impressive lineup of judges. Over 200 world-class chefs and sommeliers were there to recognize the quality of international producers. They were certainly impressed with SUNSET, as the winning products are numerous.

These include SUNSET LolliPeppers™ seedless mini peppers, Angel Sweet® tomatoes, Golden Angel Sweet® tomatoes, and Kumato® tomatoes, as well as angelberry™ raspberries, moonberry™ blackberries, and pearberry strawberries from the WOW Berries line.

We extend a hearty congratulations to Mastronardi Produce on these wins!

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