Natural Delights™ Launches a “Let The Good Times Roll” Retail Campaign

Tue. March 22nd, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

YUMA, ARIZONA – Natural Delights™ wants consumers to “Let the Good Times Roll” onward with its new retail campaign, celebrating the launch of this season’s new flavors and seasonal varieties of Natural Delights™ Date Rolls.

This campaign is the second this year from Natural Delights™ in a series of demand-generating activities delivered directly to health-minded consumers.

“We’ve made it easy for our retail partners to connect in-store with our National consumer campaign,” said Erin Hanagan-Muths, Director of Marketing, Bard Valley Date Growers, in a press release. “Our ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ themed self-display shippers are simple to set up and customize to fit the format of any produce department or secondary display location.”

As one of the nation’s top Medjool Date brands, Natural Delights™ said that it is continuing its promise to brand innovation and in-store support with “Let the Good Times Roll.” Participating retailers are encouraged to follow the excitement and momentum of the campaign with the aforementioned displays, as well as hosting contests between produce department teams, with winners receiving VISA gift cards as rewards.

Date Rolls featured in the campaign include:

  • Chopped almond and coconut flake varieties
  • Seasonal pecan pumpkin spice
  • Seasonal lemon coconut

“We are focused on developing high-performance, natural products and working with our retail partners to connect with shoppers that are snacking with a conscience,” continued Hanagan-Muths. “Health-minded shoppers are racing towards products that are natural, have minimal ingredients and are of course, delicious. With flavor profiles that are indulgent yet healthy, this season’s Date Roll lineup is perfectly suited to meet the demands of the marketplace.”

Natural Delights™ “Let the Good Times Roll” campaign is expected to run from May 1 through June 30, 2016 and will be presented to consumers through print, digital, and mobile and social media channels. If you’re retail stores wish to participate, contact a local sales representative, visit, or email [email protected] to learn more.

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