New York Apple Association Spotlights Trade and Consumer Programs in 2022 Marketing Plan; Cynthia Haskins Details

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Mon. November 28th, 2022 - by Lilian Diep

NEW YORK - Spreading awareness of delicious New York-grown apples was a top priority for the New York Apple Association (NYAA) this year, and continues to be so. Through a third-party partnership, NYAA has completed a qualitative study that included top produce executives representing a range of retail chains of all sizes and types: large, national chains; smaller, regional chains; and independent chains. The result? Enticing marketing plans for retailers.

Cynthia Haskins, President and Chief Executive Officer, New York Apple Association“Driving consumer traffic to retail stores where shoppers can find New York apples by using geo-targeted social media methods is one of our strongest objectives for this year. We are taking brand awareness to a whole new level. We want to not only build awareness but entice the consumer to buy. Our consumer target audience is consumers within driving distance of retail stores where New York apples are merchandised,” said Cynthia Haskins, President and Chief Executive Officer of the New York Apple Association.

According to the release, the qualitative study assisted in understanding retailer perceptions of the New York apple industry and identifying marketing opportunities. NYAA is helping retail partners build impressive displays by providing free-standing displays; display wrap; and advertising opportunities through digital coupons, print and digital cooperative assistance, and social media content.

Spreading awareness of delicious New York-grown apples was a top priority for the New York Apple Association (NYAA) this year, and continues to be so

“We work closely with our shippers to determine which marketplaces our apples are headed to, so we can build a solid program that helps our shippers market New York state apples and helps our retail partners sell them. Retailers have a preferred mix of apple varieties, and we work with them to determine how we can identify varietal opportunities within the apple category,” continued Haskins.

And with social media a strong tool among shoppers, NYAA’s digital and social media content centers around different apple varieties, usage ideas, and education about flavor profiles. A robust and expanding how-to recipe video library plays a key role in generating traffic to NYAA’s website in addition to themed social media sweepstakes. Some of the current running sweepstakes are giving away an Apple Pie Kit, a charcuterie board and apples, and popular Apples from New York aprons.

The Association is also building awareness regarding the nutritious value of New York apples by working closely with school foodservice and healthcare professionals, such as registered dietitians and foodservice directors.

“Most apples are consumed out of hand, whether eating a whole apple or apple slices, consumers are looking for apples that have superior flavor, texture, and a memorable eating experience—bite after bite. We are reaching out to consumers to educate them on why New York apples are so flavorful,” said Haskins. “We are also making it easy for consumers who want to add some zing to their salads, sandwiches, favorite desserts, or newly discovered recipes that place New York apples as one of the core ingredients. NYAA now offers over 275 recipes for consumers to practice their culinary skills. Cross-merchandising New York apples and other products like cheeses, nut butter, and apple desserts are always a win-win.”

ANUK will report on the latest strategies and developments as we continue to keep a pulse on the radar.

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