Ocean Mist® Farms Explains Delayed Spring Artichoke

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Mon. March 26th, 2018 - by Geneva Hutcheson

CASTROVILLE, CA - While it is no secret that California has experienced a deluge of strong storms, Ocean Mist® Farms cautions retailers to expect a delay on artichokes. Artichoke lovers eager to get their hands on Ocean Mist Farms Frost Kissed® artichokes, a “limited-edition” flavorful variety only available when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, may wait a little longer than anticipated due to weather conditions across the state of California, our reporting on which has been ongoing.

Dale Huss, Vice President of Artichoke Production, Ocean Mist® Farms

“In mid-February, both of our growing regions in Coachella and Castroville, California, experienced heavy frost followed by rain. These two successive weather events have caused not only the frosted appearance but also has reduced supply,” explained Dale Huss, Vice President of Artichoke Production.

Ocean Mist® Farms Frost Kissed® artichokes

Though this limited-quantity production means that there will be fewer artichokes available for purchase in stores, the most ardent of artichoke shoppers should still be able to find some chokes in time for the Easter Holiday, according to a press release.

Diana McClean, Senior Director, Ocean Mist® Farms

“Unfortunately, this year, artichoke availability is severely limited at a time when there are usually good quantities,” commented Diana McClean, Senior Director. “Typically, we launch an annual artichoke consumer promotion late March or early April and align our messaging to inspire consumption around the Easter holiday. This year, however, we are postponing the launch until artichoke conditions recover.”

Ocean Mist® Farms Frost Kissed® artichokes

Ocean Mist hopes to have quality artichokes available in the next few weeks, so long as the frost stays at bay. And, Huss said, “Once the weather situation smooths out, we anticipate solid supplies for the rest of the year.

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