Only the Insatiable Hunger of the Cookie Hulk can Save the World's Vegetables from Being Desserted

Mon. April 27th, 2015 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

SESAME STREET - One gooey villain has a maniacal plan to destroy all the produce of the world, covering it all in sticky marshmallows, chocolate chips, and sweets.

How awful!

And only the Aveggies can stop it. Because what child wouldn’t cry at their carrot sticks becoming ice cream cones?

This is the world Sesame Street creates when it turns its lovable characters into an Avenger-inspired, produce-fueled team to root for (and laugh at) while hoping to stop the Earth from being “desserted.”

Watch below and laugh as Onion Man, Captain Americauliflower, Black Bean Widow, and the gang try to keep Cookie Hulk focused on saving all the veggies. Your kids may soon be asking for arugulaction figures.

While this is not actually linked to the eat brighter!™ campaign, this growing trend of making healthy-eating fun and exciting is definitely apparent. Other campaign strategies like FNV and Jump with Jill are also targeting audiences at a younger and more influential age, giving the "celebrity" and "everyone who's anyone" touch to healthy eating. While it might not have them as starry-eyed over eating broccoli over bubble gum, it could get the family talking. One thing is for sure, we sure didn't have this when I was a kid!