Pacific Trellis Fruit Introduces Cotton Candy Grapes From Spain

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Tue. September 8th, 2020 - by Anne Allen

LOS ANGLES, CA - Cotton candy is no longer a sugary treat found at the fair. It’s now gracing the produce aisles of retailers everywhere, and Pacific Trellis Fruit is happy to announce the arrival of the Cotton Candy™ grape.

Josh Leichter, General Manager, Dulcinea Farms“We are excited to start our third season working with Moyca on Cotton Candy grapes from Spain,” said Josh Leichter, General Manager. “We are now able to supply Cotton Candy grapes to our customers consistently across a six-month window through a combination of supply from Spain, Brazil, and Peru.”

Grown in the Murcia region of Spain—the most productive out of all seventeen regions—these tantalizing grapes will be packaged under the Dulicinea brand.

Pacific Trellis Fruit recently announced the arrival of its Cotton Candy™ grapes from Spain

“The Dulcinea brand is synonymous with delivering a consistent, premium eating experience that delights consumers every time, which makes the Dulcinea brand a perfect fit for these premium eating specialty varieties,” Leichter concluded.

Dulcinea Cotton Candy grapes will be sold in 1-lb clamshells and available to consumers now through the end of March, with arrivals on the East Coast.

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