Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms® Welcomes Sandra Sanchez

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Thu. December 13th, 2018 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

LOS ANGELES, CA - Dulcinea Farms®, part of Pacific Trellis Fruit, is welcoming a new Director of Quality Assurance as part of its continued commitment to a consistently superior eating experience for its range of personal-size seedless melons.

Sandra Sanchez,  Director of Quality Assurance, Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms® Joining the team at this post is Sandra Sanchez, who has been in the field since 2006. Most recently, Sanchez was the Inventory and Product Manager for Berry Fresh LLC. In this new role, she brings with her a deep knowledge in the logistics of export and import of treefruits and berries.

She will act as a bridge between the sales team and our physical inventory. Sandra’s focus will be on aspects like quality, condition, and aging,” commented Camille Lombardo, Director Field Operations, in a press release.

Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms® Welcomes Sandra Sanchez

In this new position, Sanchez will be responsible for coordinating resources like warehousing and cooler space, analyzing inventory turnover to sync up with sales programs, and identifying trends. In the process, she will be optimizing the value chain for Dulcinea’s customers, the company noted.

“Ultimately, this is a natural addition to our team and it reflects our ‘Fruit of Legendary Perfection’ promise to customers and consumers and we are happy to welcome Sandra to Dulcinea,” Lombardo concluded.

Congratulations to Dulcinea and its new Director of Quality Assurance on this latest step!

Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms®