Peri & Sons Farms® Brings Earthpack® Packaging to the United States

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Tue. August 2nd, 2022 - by Chandler James

YERINGTON, NV - Sustainability continues to become even more important to consumers, and it isn’t just about how you plant your products, but how you package them. Peri & Sons Farms® has found a solution in internationally acclaimed packaging innovation Earthpack®. The company is bringing the paper and bamboo bag to grocery shelves across the United States for the first time.

The Earthpack is certified compostable (industrial and home) and biodegradable, meeting the ultimate aerobic biodegradability in compost. As outlined in a press release, this unique bag has a large window and small thread that offer ample product visibility.

Peri & Sons Farms® is bringing its paper and bamboo bag Earthpack® to grocery shelves across the United States for the first time

Peri & Sons is using the Earthpack to pack all varieties of its USDA Certified onions, introducing it to major retailers around the nation. The bag displays beautifully, and its functional, light-weight design enhances freshness, shelf-life, and safety, all while reducing the impact on the planet.

The press release went on to note that this package runs well on automatic equipment at speeds comparable to other packages, and other packers are testing this solution in different commodities.

For more sustainable innovations coming to the produce industry, keep a tab open for ANUK.

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