Progressive Produce Announces Availability of Organic Citrus; Andy Webb and Christine Toy Share

Thu. October 7th, 2021
- by Peggy Packer     

LOS ANGELES, CA - Retailers have a unique opportunity to take citrus sales into their own hands this fall as Progressive Produce has entered its prime growing season for organic Navels, lemons, and grapefruit. With an expanded organic Heirloom Navel program and updated packaging, the supplier is ready to take its retail partners to exciting new heights in the citrus set.

Andy Webb, Director of Sales and Business Development, Progressive Produce"Our organic Navels are grown in the southern San Joaquin Valley and typically are some of the first to be harvested and packed,” explained Andy Webb, Director of Sales and Business Development. "We will start packing organic Navels the last week of October and continue the season into early spring. Reach out to our sales team to ensure you get in on the first pack of the season!"

Progressive Produce will have organic grapefruit available from the beginning of November and organic lemons from the start of December, according to a press release, with promotional opportunities available throughout the season on both bulk and bagged fruit.

Progressive Produce has entered its prime growing season for organic Navels, lemons, and grapefruit

"Keeping a consistent display of organic citrus in bulk and bags and promoting the high Vitamin C content and health benefits provides an ideal environment for reaching out to consumers," Webb pointed out. "Additionally, advertising organic citrus with other organic items can also improve sales of the entire category."

To meet the consistently high demand for citrus, the company has fortified its organic Heirloom Navel program to bring larger volumes of the beloved variety to its retail partners’ shelves. The grower’s organic Heirloom Navels are an Old-Line Washington variety grown on 100-year-old trees by a third-generation family farm in Bakersfield, California, available in 3 lb bags as well as bulk sizes.

Christine Toy, Sales Manager, Progressive Produce"This is a unique item for Progressive because we are the only company with the capacity to ship larger volumes of organic Heirloom Navels from mid-December to the beginning of March," said Sales Manager Christine Toy.

As shoppers meander through the produce department in search of these refreshing offerings, they will be met with an eye-catching new design that will make any shopper pause and purchase. Progressive Produce’s Nature’s Bounty Organic Brand has an appealing new look that creates ideal merchandising opportunities for buyers.

To help retailers capture shopper dollars in the citrus set, Progressive Produce has expanded its Heirloom Navel program and refreshed its packaging design

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