Progressive Produce's Keystone Fruit Marketing Division Announces Availability of Chambersburg Peaches; Michael Blume Comments

Wed. July 21st, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

GREENCASTLE, PA - Could we really say that it's summer here in the Northern Hemisphere without ripe, juicy peaches available for consumers to enjoy along with their outdoor activities? Well, if peaches are what you need, Progressive Produce’s Keystone Fruit Marketing division has you covered, announcing that its Chambersburg peaches will soon be available to hit your shelves.

Michael Blume, Director of Sales and Marketing, Progressive Produce"These are some of the best tasting peaches," said Michael Blume, Director of Sales and Marketing. "Retailers should make large displays to entice impulse purchases. It's important to cull the display throughout the day, assuring the consumers of some beautiful peaches to purchase!"

The highly anticipated Chambersburg variety will be offered starting the final week of July through the end of August, according to a press release. Popular especially in Western Pennsylvania, this variety has been stirring up interest amongst retailers outside of the area over the last several years.

Starting at the end of July, Keystone Fruit Marketing will have its Chambersburg peaches available to decorate produce aisle displays

With curiosity piqued, Keystone has good supplies for those wanting to add the peach variety to their produce departments.

"We've had ideal growing conditions providing us one of the nicest crops we've seen in years," added Blume. "Because of last year's weather issues, we had 50 percent of a normal crop, but we're expecting a full crop this year."

Keystone's Chambersburg peaches are sized 2-1/2" and up, and are packed in 25 lb cartons.

If you want to get your hands—and your shoppers’—on these coveted peaches, reach out to a Keystone Fruit rep!

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