Pumpkin Vandal Tries to Ruin Children's Pumpkin Patch

Tue. October 30th, 2018
- by Anne Allen     

SUNDERLAND, ENGLAND - On this fair morning of Halloween, it saddens me to pen the following story, but pen it I must—but never fear, dear ANUK readers, it does have a happy ending. For those shameful tricksters in the business of stomping out jack-o-lanterns, you’ve been warned: find enjoyment in this tale and the spirits of All Hallow’s Eve will not be kind.

But I digress! Back to our story. Pupils at the South Hylton Academy were left devastated when their beloved pumpkin patch had been smashed to bits by “mindless yobs.” The children, understandably upset, had spent months growing their pumpkins. However, all hope was not lost. Nearby residents took matters into their own hands, posting pictures and videos on social media asking for the community to help the children regain their Halloween spirit.

South Hylton Academy pupils receive pumpkins from the community after vandals destroyed the school display. Image via Sunderland Echo

And regain it, they did! By the end of this Halloween horror, the school was gifted 15 pumpkins and a donation of £130 ($165 USD), and the children’s faith in the spirit of Halloween—and human kindness—was restored.

I hope that you, dear reader, enjoy this Halloween night, and do not make the mistake that this pumpkin vandal made. Remember, treats will always be more pleasant than tricks.