Sakata Seed America to Host First Retail Day; Highlighting Top Varieties

Tue. August 9th, 2016 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

MORGAN HILL, CA - Sakata Seed America is taking a new approach to its annual California Spring Trials for seed distributors, growers, and other customers. This Friday, August 12th, the company will be hosting its first Retail Day at its Woodland, CA, station.

John Nelson, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sakata Seed America“Our Sales team is excited to give buyers the true grower experience at Retail Day. We have trials growing for a large amount of our products and can’t wait to demonstrate the difference in quality, taste, and appearance directly in the field,” John Nelson, Director of Sales and Marketing, commented in a press release.

This event will give retail and foodservice buyers a first-hand look at top Sakata varieties in the field. “Have you ever tasted a watermelon straight from the vine? It’s an amazing experience that we want to share with our downstream customers,” Nelson said.

Infinite Gold

So what can the buy-side expect to see at this premier event? Varieties such as the company’s number one selling long-shelf cantaloupe, Infinite Gold, as well as its line of specialty tomatoes packed with umami flavor.

Millennium Hybrid Broccoli

Also in store are new broccoli genetics, which Sakata describes as having highly desirable attributes including longer shelf-life, deeper green color for optimal consumer appeal, and no purpling. New varieties the company expects to be top performers are Millennium and Diamante.

Baby Leaf Spinach

Baby leaf Spinach will also be on the menu, with a new offer.

Delita Pardue, Product Manager, Sakata Seed America

“In 2016, UA201519B was named Race 16 by The International Working Group Peronospora,” said Delita Pardue, Product Manager. “We have tested our commercial spinach varieties for resistance and found that our main baby leaf varieties have resistance to Race 16, along with three of our processing spinach lines, and three of our oriental spinach lines–this is big news for the Sakata spinach program and for all of our customers.”

This joins the lineup of C2-606, Seaside, Riverside, Lakeside and Oceanside, all of which Sakata noted have been reported as performing well for growers.

With emphasis on the importance of understanding the story of ‘seed to table’ to share with consumers, Sakata looks to Retail Day to be its next addition to bridging gaps between different areas of the supply chain.

Sakata Seed America