Seald Sweet CEO Mayda Sotomayor Discusses Boosting Mexican Grape Program

Thu. June 4th, 2015 - by Jordan Okumura

VERO BEACH, FL - With continued growth in the North American market, Seald Sweet International is looking to its latest initiatives to focus the company's efforts and execute its strategies. One of Seald Sweet’s recent program highlights has been in its deciduous commodity division where the company plans to boost its Mexican grape program’s production, particularly in the Hermosillo and Caborca regions.

The company is currently running its Mexican grape program from early May through the 4th of July with grapes also sourced from both Peru and Chile from mid-December through early May.

Mayda Sotomayor, CEO, Seald Sweet“We are in full swing with our Mexican grape program,” Mayda Sotomayor, CEO of Seald Sweet tells us. “Our product supply is fresh, consistent, with reliable quality, and ample volume for retail promotions.”

Chris DeSana, Grape Category Manager, Seald Sweet“This will be our 7th-year marketing table grapes from Mexico,” states Seald Sweet’s Grape Category Manager, Chris DeSana. “This category is a major growth item in our three-year plan. Our volumes are scheduled to double over last year and are expected to double again by the 2017 season.”

In regards to Mexico, Seald Sweet markets all colors from the beginning to the end under the Seald Sweet label and Melo Premium. As social responsibility remains top of mind, Seald Sweet is continuing its efforts to implement and continue to support programs to take transparency and worker well-being to the next level.

“But the best part of our program in Mexico is our grower partners. Unlike some of the negative press that Mexican agriculture has received lately, these growers are very well-established, third-generation family operations and are extremely reputable,” Mayda tells us. “They have a long-term, sustainable vision at the forefront of their company, which includes giving back to their workers and communities through programs and practices they have engrained in their operations and culture. We are fortunate to be aligned with them and partners with their ethically produced fresh product supply.”

Pablo Borquez Almada, Owner of Campos Borquez

Seald Sweet’s grower partners include Campos Borquez, who is Fair Trade accredited, Agroison, Empresas Heras, and Proagro. All of these growers are focused and dedicated to high CSR standards and are constantly working to enhance the lives of their communities and workers.   

The son of Seald Sweet’s Mexican grape grower Fernando Hernandez proudly shows a sample of this season’s harvest.

“Our grower partners take fair labor standards and social responsibility very seriously and give back to workers through community development, education, social programs and health and wellness resources,” Kim Flores, Seald Sweet’s Marketing Director adds. “This level of ethical standards is a priority to Seald Sweet as well as our global network of UNIVEG Companies.”

Stay tuned as we follow Seald Sweet’s expanding grape program and the social responsibility efforts of the company’s family of growers.

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