Sev-Rend's Jeff Watkin Discusses Expanded Growth and Product Portfolio

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Mon. May 23rd, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

ST. LOUIS, MO - From its founding in 1993, Sev-Rend Packaging has expanded from its original role as a b2b supplying primarily tags, to grow an expanded portfolio which now includes film, netting, and labels for the produce industry. As Jeff Watkin, Graphic and Marketing Manager at Sev-Rend, recently told me, the company has plans to take that movement even further. 

“We’ve really expanded out, especially in our sales force,” Jeff says of the company’s recent team growth. “Now we have regional sales managers which are strategically positioned throughout the United States to focus on specific industries.” 

This focus allows Sev-Rend to concentrate on providing a faster turnaround for its customers, as the company manufactures its products right on location. Recently, the company has seen the largest amount of growth in its netting and film offerings. “A thing that we really like to champion on our ourselves and our brand,” adds Jeff, “is that we are a domestic supplier and manufacturing in a field where a lot of manufacturing is done overseas.”

Jeff divulges that company's strategies allow for heightened efficiency, faster lead time, and exceptional quality for Sev-Rend customers. And the company doesn’t plan to stop there.

“We’re very vertically integrated. From substrate development to final product, a lot of it is developed within our plant. It’s been crucial to our growth as a company, because we have our arms around our products so we know how it’s going to react when it gets out into our customer’s hands, which in turn adds to overall speed to market for our customer’s products,” Jeff tells me. 

This adds to the company’s concept of a commercialization approach, which allows Sev-Rend to manage all aspects of the product development. 

So just how is Sev-Rend planning to continue its company growth and brand expansion?

Sev-Rend is already utilizing a forward-thinking recycling program for all of its waste, which was recently instituted within the past 18 – 24 months. “We’re a green manufacturer, we’re very environmentally conscious and lean in our waste,” Jeff says of the company’s innovative recycling program which is specific to the St. Louis area. “All of our waste is converted back into a pellet which can be converted to alternative fuel sources.”

The company also has some new products in the works which Jeff tells me he can’t disclose quite yet. For the meantime, however, the company is continuing to ramp up its core produce-industry specific products

  • SR Film: Easy to handle design for film bags
  • Sof-Net: bag netting specifically developed for packers and growers
  • Wineglass tag: tag that attaches to netting of a bag, customizable printing on one or both sides

On top of all this? Excellent customer service. “We pride ourselves on that. Quality, lead-times, and service is what is going to keep Sev-Rend moving forward,” Jeff finishes. 

Stay with AndNowUKnow as we continue to report on emerging innovative companies in the industry, and to see where Sev-Rend heads next.

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