Southeast Produce Council Announces SEPC University Educational Session Speaker Kim Lear; Kristin Yerecic Scott Details

Mon. November 22nd, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

MILLEN, GA - The future currently lies in the hands of those helping to shape the next generation, and that applies to fresh produce as well. In order to create a strong foundation for those who come next in our industry’s lineage, the Southeast Produce Council (SEPC) has announced another SEPC University Educational Session to be held during Southern Exposure 2022 in March, Prepare for the Future: Building the Next Generation of Leaders.

Kristin Yerecic Scott, Marketing Director, Yerecic Label and Education Co-Chair, SEPC University“This session brings our 2021 theme of Produce Powered by People and 2022 theme of The Next Generation of Superheroes full circle,” said Marketing Director of Yerecic Label and Education Co-Chair Kristin Yerecic Scott. “We started by highlighting attributes of each generation in a panel at Southern Exposure 2021, discussed hiring and retaining the workforce at Southern Innovations 2021, and now we will focus on developing the next generation of leaders at Southern Exposure 2022!”

Prepare for the Future: Building the Next Generation of Leaders will be led by Inlay Insights Founder and Content Director, Kim Lear. According to a press release, the session will provide a closer look at the value that each generation brings to the workforce and how leaders can motivate and grow a new generation of leaders for the future.

Lear is a writer and researcher who explores how emerging trends impact the future of the workforce and marketplace. She is known for her ability to mix storytelling, humor, data, and actionable takeaways to educate people about the trends most impacting the bottom line of organizations.

Inlay Insights Founder and Content Director Kim Lear will lead the SEPC University Educational Session titled "Prepare for the Future: Building the Next Generation of Leaders" during Southern Exposure 2022

As studies have shown, multigenerational teams outperform more homogenous groups in almost all categories. This success can be attributed in many cases to the unique and diverse experiences that each member of the team brings to the table, with more seasoned employees offering wisdom and expertise and younger generations providing an innovative perspective. Through cutting-edge research and category-leading case studies, Lear will share tools and concepts that those taking part in the session can take back to their workplace and build their teams for the future.

This SEPC University Educational Session will take place on Friday, March 4, at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida. To make sure you are able to get a seat, register for Southern Exposure 2022 and celebrate The Marvel of Produce.

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