Stemilt Growers Announces the Start of the Artisan Organic™ Stonefruit Season

Tue. July 2nd, 2019
- by Kayla Webb     

WENATCHEE, WA - If you have yet to make any hot destination plans this summer, Stemilt Growers is recommending retailers and consumers alike take a trip to flavor town via its Artisan Organics™ peaches and nectarines. With season officially kicking off in mid-July and packing expected to begin July 15, the grower is already anticipating excellent quality and unbelievable flavor, so get those produce aisles ready!

Brianna Shales, Communications Manager, Stemilt Growers“With the long, cold winter, flavors are really going to be enhanced this year,” stated Brianna Shales, Communications Manager. “Those cold winter months provide our trees with a protective snow blanket that acts as an insulator and when it melts, provides a lot of nutrients to the tree, which results in an explosion of flavor and a juicy bite.”

Stemilt Growers' stonefruit season officially kicks off in mid-July, with packing expected to begin July 15

According to a press release, retailers can expect to see volumes pick up quickly before reaching substantial volumes by the end of the month. In terms of varieties, the Artisan Organics peach season starts with the famous Zee Lady, with Sierra Rich and Sweet Dream making up most of August’s volumes, while August Lady wraps up the season in September. On the nectarine side, Grand Bright, Honey Haven, and August Bright round out the key varieties lineup. Many of these varieties are classic peach and nectarine varieties that provide a great balance between acids and sugars, which is exactly what consumers are looking for in the fruits.

“To really make the most of the organic peach and nectarine season, retailers should have big promotional ads starting in the middle of August through the middle of September,” said Shales. “Their ads should address the opportunity to go big with bulk or appeal to families on the go who are need in of the Lil Snappers® 2lb pouch bag, available in both organic peaches and nectarines.”

The Douglas family has farmed for four generations and knows how this region’s climate affects their organic stonefruit crops

Stemilt’s stonefruit varieties have been marketed under the Artisan Organics brand for more than a decade, during which the Douglas family has primarily grown the company’s organic crop in the southcentral portion of Washington—an ideal growing locale thanks to its arid climate, hot days, cool nights, and abundance of fresh water sources.

“The Douglas family has farmed for four generations and knows how this region’s climate affects their organic crops. They have spent years perfecting the art of growing organics and they have found what works and what doesn’t,” noted Shales. “Washington is an excellent place to grow organic produce thanks to the dry elements. This climate takes away the risk of brown rot due to extra moisture in the air and the cool nights allow the tree to reenergize. Then, warm sunny days help grow large-sized fruits with high sugars and vibrant colors.”

Stemilt Growers expects volumes to pick up quickly before reaching substantial volumes by the end of the month

This year, the Artisan Organics brand is ringing in its 30th year. In honor of the milestone, Stemilt Growers is continuing its commitment to its organic mission, which includes bringing new and exciting, organic and conventional varieties to market.

“Nearly 30 years have passed since Tom Mathison, Stemilt’s Founder, made that bold move to grow fruits organically, but his legacy lives on thanks to the vision of his grandsons, West and Tate,” concluded Shales. “West and Tate are constantly striving to find the newest, greatest organic varieties and focusing on flavor so that our organic fruits meet our mission of delighting consumers.”

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