Summer Citrus from South Africa Discusses Citrus Update; Suhanra Conradie Comments

Fri. September 24th, 2021 - by Lilian Diep

SOUTH AFRICA - One thing our industry can pride itself on is our ability to overcome obstacles to keep the supply chain moving and get delicious fresh produce in the hands of consumers. Summer Citrus from South Africa (SCSA) is proving this point as the company has overcome several recent hurdles to drive forward its production and distribution of high-quality citrus.

In its freshly released newsletter update, SCSA detailed some of the challenges that needed to be overcome as the company continued with its summer season. Among them were regional riots and looting; a COVID-19 spike; and an unforeseen disruption of the Transnet IT system, a state-owned enterprise that operates and owns most of South Africa’s main seaports. However, SCSA pushed ahead, undeterred to continue providing its citrus offerings.

Suhanra Conradie, Chief Executive Officer, Summer Citrus from South Africa"This program remains a bright and shining armor in South Africa as our program has not been impacted by any of the above,” said Suhanra Conradie, Chief Executive Officer, in the newsletter. “Our dedicated conventional vessels are moving fruit quickly in spite of the system shut down. Although not without its challenges, we have an open communication system and have so far been able to work through any obstacles without any major adjustments.”

Due to SCSA’s persistence and dedication, the purveyor has shipped more than 50 percent of its planned volumes for the summer, and with another one of its vessels ready to load, packed volumes are hitting just over 60 percent.

In terms of its offerings, SCSA’s easy peelers are slightly ahead on volume and are picking up with later mandarins. Additionally, quality is looking good for the variety, and buyers can expect premium product. Navels, like easy peelers, are also ahead on volumes and are into later varieties now. Both quality and sizing for the category are looking good. Star Rubys and Cara Caras are also shipping at higher volumes than anticipated and have shown good quality.

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Summer Citrus from South Africa