Sun Pacific's Kate Reeb Talks Organic Products Before OPS

Thu. June 27th, 2019 - by Jordan Okumura

PASADENA, CA - How does one top the conventional iconic Cuties® brand in produce departments? Wait, did someone say organic? Sun Pacific sure did. As we ramp up for the Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, California, we touched base with the company to see what the buzz was all about and what we can expect from Sun Pacific at this year’s sought-after industry event.

Kate Reeb, Director of Marketing, Sun Pacific“Since our first venture selling Organic Cuties late last season, we received a great deal of positive feedback from our retail partners and are excited to debut our new Organic Cuties packaging at this year’s show,” Director of Marketing Kate Reeb shares with me.

In addition to organic Cuties, the citrus powerhouse will offer organic navel oranges for the first time in both a 3 lb. bag and in bulk. And we won’t stop with the excitement there; SunPacific will showcase one of the leading edge-packaged kiwi brands in North America, Mighties®, under the company’s Organic Mighties® label.

With California’s coveted table grape season upon us, Sun Pacific will be featuring its deliciously sweet and crunchy Air Chief organic grapes, which shoppers favored greatly last season and are building quite a loyal fan base. Sun Pacific has seen rapid and expansive growth in the demand for its Air Chief grapes.

Sun Pacific has seen rapid and expansive growth in the demand for its Air Chief grapes

“Of course, we believe we grow some of the best organic grapes in the country, but retailers are supporting that claim with positive feedback to the superior product we offer each season through the expansion of their organic grape sections and featuring Air Chief organic grapes in their weekly ads, further emphasizing the line's success,” Kate tells me.

Sun Pacific’s vision is to bring the highest quality, best-tasting fruit to the marketplace. From conventional to organic, the company has built its brand and reputation on delivering superior quality fruit and an exceptional eating experience.

“Even though organic farming requires a great deal more capital, resources, and manpower, we are committed to investing in all the necessary inputs to produce top-shelf organic fresh fruits which drive repeat sales with shoppers and build loyal fans for our Sun Pacific brands,” Kate says.

Add on top of that, Sun Pacific’s organic Mighties kiwifruit has been steadily gaining market share, and you have a must-see booth and team to look out for. Like its conventional Mighties kiwifruit, Sun Pacific’s organic packaging continues to educate shoppers on the fantastic nutritional benefits of this mighty fruit while also offering “slice and scoop” instructions. The packaging also includes a handy spife—a spoon/knife eating utensil—so the consumer can enjoy while on the go.

Sun Pacific’s organic Mighties kiwifruit has been steadily gaining market share

“OPS is one of the only shows in the industry that focuses solely on organics, making it an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their organic lines,” Kate reflects. “The show also offers a more intimate setting for us to connect one-on-one with the retail community, allowing more time to build and nurture those important relationships.”

Check out Sun Pacific booth #614 for all the organic goodies you can stomach! See you all there!

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