SUNSET® Takes Home Seven Awards at the 11th Annual Leamington Greenhouse Competition

Mon. June 18th, 2018
- by Jessica Donnel     

KINGSVILLE, ON - Coming up first in several categories at the 11th annual Leamington Greenhouse Competition, SUNSET® took home seven awards, making it the most awarded contestant of the two-day competition, the company said.

SUNSET® took home Overall Best Pepper and Overall Best Tomato awards, among others

Overall Best Tomato and Overall Best Pepper were two of the most notable awards SUNSET won during the show, but the company also took top honors in five other categories, including:

  • Cluster Tomato
  • Cocktail Tomato
  • Bite-Size Tomato
  • Specialty Bell Pepper
  • Specialty Hot Pepper

In addition, SUNSET placed in all three spots of the Bite-Size Tomato category, with Flavor Bombs® ranking first.

Paul Mastronardi, CEO, SUNSET®“We are honored to receive numerous awards for our premium produce at this year’s Greenhouse Competition,” said CEO Paul Mastronardi. “Winning all three spots in the Bite-Size category, along with winning Best Overall Tomato and Best Overall Pepper is a true testament to the strength of the SUNSET brand and its commitment to innovation and flavor.”

Products are entered in to a double-blind taste test, according to a press release, which are first judged by a panel of experts, including representatives from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs, chefs, and produce managers. All entries are then judged by the public, who cast over 1,000 votes this year.

SUNSET® took home seven awards at the 11th Annual Leamington Greenhouse Competition

“What I love most about this competition is that products are judged purely on their flavor,” said Mastronardi. “Flavor is our top priority at SUNSET, so receiving the most awards at this year’s competition is a great compliment to our hardworking team.”

The annual greenhouse competition is hosted by R.E.A.C.H. International, a locally funded charitable organization, with proceeds going toward the funding of schools and clinics in Uganda.

Congratulations to SUNSET for once again showing up and showing out at the Leamington Greenhouse Competition!