Tanimura & Antle Goes Back to Its Roots by Reintroducing Its Original Logo

Wed. March 11th, 2015
- by Jordan Okumura     

SALINAS, CA - In the food industry, the ability to grow is all in the roots. Tanimura & Antle is showing its pride and dedication to the strength of its own foundation by bringing back an original piece of the company while it continues to move forward.

The original “T leaf A” logo is coming back, and it’s getting the red carpet rollout with the company’s latest items like the Field Fresh Parsley and Field Fresh Italian Parsley.

Tanimura & Antle

Mike Antle, Executive Vice President of Tanimura & Antle, discussed the reasoning behind the change.

Mike Antle, Executive VP, Tanimura & Antle“Our partners in the produce industry have always considered us just as T&A,” Antle said in a press release. “Our original logo has always been known as a premium pack and will always be etched in our minds as such. So, why not bring it back?” says Mike Antle, Executive Vice President. Fellow family member owner and Executive Vice President Gary Tanimura agreed. 

Gary Tanimura, Executive VP, Tanimura & Antle“Throughout our growing regions and since the beginning of our partnership, the original T leaf A logo is all I can remember,” Gary said in the release.

You can already find the classic logo. Tanimura & Antle have started displaying it proudly as a representation and reminder of its authenticity, from the start of the company throughout its current everyday practices.

So while in stores, keep an eye out for the vintage “T leaf A” as it is integrated into all of the company’s fresh produce throughout 2015.

Tanimura & Antle