Titan Farms Launches New 3 and 4 lb Club Pack Options for Retailers

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Fri. May 21st, 2021 - by Jenna Plasterer

RIDGE SPRING, SC - In the evolution of the produce industry, those who adapt and innovate continue to grab the attention of shoppers everywhere. Using these key advancements to help buyers unlock sales this summer, Titan Farms has unveiled two new offerings in the form of 3 and 4 lb club packs to capitalize on shifting consumer habits.

Ross Williams, Director of Packaging Operations and Food Safety, Titan Farms“Behind these two new club packs was the need to address what we saw as a trend toward packaged produce items during the pandemic, which we anticipate will continue into post-pandemic life as well,” Ross Williams, Director of Packaging Operations and Food Safety, explains. “Something that's going to be hard for people to forget is their produce consumption practices during the pandemic when they tended to lean more toward packaged items.”

Meeting the soaring demand for pre-packaged fruit, the new club packs will also give retailers a leg up when it comes to e-commerce services and fulfilling online grocery orders. The sturdy packaging will protect the peaches and provide added convenience for store associates, helping to boost the success of these retail programs.

To meet the the increased demand for packaged produce caused by the pandemic, Titan Farms has launched new 3 and 4 lb club packs

“Having to pick out produce is fairly labor-intensive. So, we developed a conveyance and a presentation that is not only convenient, but offers protection for the high-quality, premium fruit, and that's a win-win for everyone,” continues Ross.

As well as increasing convenience, the new packages include added sustainability aspects that will grab the attention of consumers looking to lower their plastic consumption. To do so, Titan Farms made a simple change to its club packs that will differentiate the brand’s new offerings in the produce department.

“In an effort to reduce plastic use and increase the sustainability of our packaging, we decided to integrate a corrugated lid into our club pack format. We've done that for both the 4 lb and the 3 lb club packs,” Ross tells me.

Titan Farms’ new 3 and 4 lb packs will hit retail in mid-June and will be available through the end of August. The 4 lb packs will be offered in the grower’s Titan brand, as well as under several Costco brands. The 3 lb consumer pack will feature Titan’s premium Lori Anne peaches, which are only available to a select number of retailers nationwide.

Titan Farms' new club packs feature a corrugated lid in order to increase sustainability and lessen plastic usage

With these new offerings at their fingertips, retailers’ only job when it comes to the club packs is setting up displays to draw their shoppers to the produce aisles. Ross recommends placing the boxes near bulk peach displays front-and-center, drawing the eyes and noses of the consumers as the juicy peaches begin to ripen. Once they catch a waft of the delectable, sweet smell, it’s all smoothing sale-ing from there.

“If it looks good, they'll buy it once, but if it tastes good, they'll buy it twice,” Ross says. “And because of our soil characteristics and our microclimate here on the Ridge, there is no peach better than a South Carolina peach, and specifically a peach grown by Titan Farms.”

With logic like that, how could you go wrong? Add Titan Farms’ peaches and club packs to your aisles to give your shoppers the taste and convenience they’re searching for.

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