Tive Launches New Tive Tag Temperature Logging Label; Krenar Komoni Comments

Wed. July 27th, 2022 - by Jenna Plasterer

BOSTON, MA - Bringing the produce industry to the cutting-edge of innovation, Tive has announced the launch of its latest supply chain solution, the Tive Tag. Taking the form of a thin, flexible shipping label, the device is a long-life cloud-enabled temperature logger that comes at half the price of a conventional logger.

Krenar Komoni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tive“I’m really excited to show the Tive Tag to the world. We are committed to pushing the limits of possible to deliver cutting-edge products and services to global supply chain managers. Seamless like a shipping label, the Tive Tag puts amazing tech in the palm of your hand at a price the market has never seen,” said Krenar Komoni, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tive. “Customers have been searching for a last mile solution, and cost has always been the barrier. The Tive Tag is the answer.”

Based on its slim design and cost-effectiveness, the Tive Tag can be used for first and last-mile deliveries, warehouse operations, and over the road, rail, air, and ocean for cold chain management, a release explained. Designed to last for a year with a non-Lithium earth-friendly battery, this solution can be reused trip after trip.

Tive released its new Tive Tag, a thin, flexible shipping label created for first and last-mile deliveries

Additionally, through the use of the Tive Tag, customers have access to an audit trail for compliance, and the tag is air safe and supports many companies’ ESG initiatives with minimal electronic waste. All they have to do is stick the label, tap it with their phone, and ship their products.

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