Tive Shares Insights From State of Visibility 2023 Survey Report; Richie Daigle and Eric Johnson Discuss

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Mon. May 8th, 2023 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

BOSTON, MA - We here at AndNowUKnow are not the type to pass up comprehensive industry insights. Bringing just that, Tive recently released a webinar, moderated by Eric Johnson of The Journal of Commerce (The JOC), exploring the findings from the recent State of Visibility 2023 market research survey. This survey interviewed 260-plus transportation and logistics professionals in the Americas and Europe.

Richie Daigle, Enterprise Account Executive, Tive“You have to think about real-time, and then historic as well, and that’s where the three-dimensional component of a tech stack comes into play,” said Richie Daigle, Enterprise Account Executive at Tive, in the video. “Doing the work to put this in the foreground…the result of that is a frictionless, easy, friendly experience where everybody—multiple parties—are getting the information quickly, and we’re able to enhance that overall visibility.”

This “tech stack” the industry experts refer to is the implementation of multiple cutting-edge technologies that amplify visibility and transparency along the supply chain.

Tive recently released a webinar, linked in the article below, exploring the findings from the recent State of Visibility 2023 market research survey

The webinar also addressed the adoption of visibility solutions, in which Tive noted that 75 percent of supply chain industry players do not use the right technologies to track and trace their cargo. Other topics from the webinar include the demand for real-time visibility and IoT-based solutions, as well as visibility-as-a-service and the lack of visibility while goods are in transit, which 46 percent of survey respondents said is mandatory for their customers.

Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor, The Journal of Commerce“One of the things that I am hearing about, qualitatively, a lot is the use of visibility to link logistics to customer service—to link visibility to other parts of a company where it actually has value,” noted Eric Johnson, Senior Technology Editor at The JOC.

The research survey was a joint collaboration conducted by Shipping and Freight Resource, Supply Chain Radar, CHARLIE PESTI, and Tive. To view the full webinar, click here.

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