Topline Farms Partners With Apeel Sciences to Launch New Greenhouse-Grown Mini Cucumbers; Dino DiLaudo, Lou Perez, and Joseph Talbourdet Share

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Tue. February 21st, 2023 - by Chandler James

ORLANDO, FL - I had the pleasure of writing up our last report on the collaboration between Topline Farms and Apeel Sciences back in June 2022. Now, the two have made yet another exciting announcement, partnering up to launch the new Apeel-Protected Mini Cucumber that is expected to last up to three days longer.

Dino DiLaudo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Topline Farms“We are thrilled to partner once again with Apeel Sciences to bring another innovative produce item to the market,” said Dino DiLaudo, Vice President of Sales at Topline. “Their cutting-edge technology is making a real difference in extending the life of fresh produce, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation.”

This partnership came to fruition when Topline and Apeel joined forces to remove the plastic packaging from English Cucumbers, saving the equivalent of nearly three plastic straws per cucumber.

Topline Farms partnered and recently launched a collaboration with Apeel Sciences, debuting the new Apeel-Protected Mini Cucumber

Apeel’s edible, plant-based coating extends the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables by keeping moisture in and oxygen out, ultimately preventing waste. According to a press release, this plant-based protection allows consumers more time to enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of a mini cucumber.

Lou Perez, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Apeel“Giving more time to fresh produce unlocks new opportunities for the entire industry, including new packaging and merchandising techniques that can enhance consumer experience and demand,” said Lou Perez, Senior Vice President of Innovation at Apeel. “We are already seeing this play out with plastic-free English cucumbers and are excited to see innovative leaders like Topline eager to introduce new technologies to create a more sustainable food system.”

The two partners will be showcasing the new longer-lasting mini cucumbers during the Southeast Produce Council’s (SEPC) Southern Exposure show at booth #1006.

Joseph Talbourdet, Director of Marketing, Topline Farms“Debuting this product at the SEPC trade show is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our partnership with Apeel and to highlight the impact their technology is having on preventing food waste and increasing the shelf life of fresh produce” explains Joseph Talbourdet, Director of Marketing at Topline Farms.

Stay tuned for the latest innovations in fresh produce.

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