TRUE Organic Juice Brings Personality to Your Produce

Mon. January 16th, 2017 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

BAKERSFIELD, CA - A leaf of kale, a carrot, and a beet walk into a bar—a juice bar, that is. Last week, premium juice producer TRUE Organic by Grimmway Farms introduced the first of three vegetables starring in its witty “Veggie Musings” campaign on social media.

Debuting just days into the new year, the trio is here to help consumers develop healthier habits—and social platforms are the right places to reach them. 

Developed with millennials and active families in mind, the TRUE Organic product line addresses the demand for healthy food options on the go.

Kellen Stailey, Senior Director of Marketing & Merchandising, Grimmway Farms“Our core customers want something convenient, portable, and certified organic,” said Kellen Stailey, Senior Director of Marketing and Merchandising, according to a press release.

The social campaign is positioned across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where TRUE continues to see positive engagement. Last summer, it launched a promotion encouraging consumers to reset their resolutions through a series of posts focused on goal-setting and how-to tips.

The “Mid-Year Resolutions” campaign incited 194% growth in engagement on Twitter, according to the company, and drove average interaction on Facebook to increase more than seven times.

“For our audience, social has proven to be an effective method to raise brand awareness,” said Stailey. “We’ve seen consistent success using these platforms to connect with our target shoppers.”

A report from acquisition marketing agency Fluent supports her claim, citing that 41% of consumers aged 18 to 34 and 49% of those 35 and older use Facebook every day. But knowing where they are is one thing, and capturing their attention is another.

Delivering nutrition facts through bold illustrations and video shorts, “Veggie Musings” capitalizes on two of the most influential aspects of modern digital marketing—rich visual content and authentic storytelling. This is good news for TRUE Organic, and better news for the personable produce stealing the show through mid-February.

"Because I'm outstanding in the field. But I'm not actually standing. I don't have legs, silly! But I do have a whole bunch of vitamins."

Aside from the jokes and clever quips, the vegetable crew offers a tangible way for consumers to stick to a healthier routine. Followers can engage with their posts for a chance to win a six-month supply of juice.

Just tune in to TRUE Organic on social media for three servings of vegetables and a few tasty tips.

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