United Natural Foods, Inc. Releases 2021 ESG and Social Impact Report and Increases Value Chain Transparency; Sandy Douglas and Alisha Real Discuss

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Tue. March 15th, 2022 - by Anne Allen

PROVIDENCE, RI - Moving closer to achieving its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments, United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) released its fiscal year 2021 Better for All Report showcasing its progress. Taking a holistic view of the company’s value chain, the report demonstrates the distributor’s desire for accountability, especially as it analyzes the role it plays in being a catalyst for change in the food industry.

Sandy Douglas, Chief Executive Officer, United Natural Foods, Inc.“Our collective mission is to help make our customers and the communities we serve stronger, our supply chain better, and our food solutions more inspired,” said Chief Executive Officer, Sandy Douglas. “From our more intentional hiring practices to our revamped supplier diversity program and our investments in climate-smart technology, UNFI wants to be a trusted partner and food industry leader in doing business the right way. As we accelerate our work across our ESG commitments, we are proud of the progress we are making on transparency, accountability, and impact.

This is UNFI’s 11th year reporting on its social and environmental impacts, and its 2021 Better for All report expands the company's six impact focus areas announced last year to provide a more detailed look at the distributor’s direct and indirect impacts on areas of the value chain. As noted in a release, these focus areas now include Diversity and Inclusion, Responsible Procurement, Community Development, Governance, Associate Safety and Well-Being, Climate Action, Waste Reduction, Customer Health and Safety, and Energy Efficiency.

United Natural Foods, Inc. recently released its fiscal year 2021 Better for All report detailing its progress toward its Environmental, Social, and Governance commitments

In the 2021 Better for All report, UNFI showcased current progress on 10 of its formal goals that were set in 2020, providing clear information on which targets were on track, ahead of schedule, or slightly behind.

Throughout 2021, the company also took steps to advance its ESG mission. For a more thorough breakdown, click here.

Alisha Real, Director of Sustainability and Social Impact, United Natural Foods, Inc.“UNFI has a long history of integrating environmental and social considerations into our decision-making processes, and we continue to make great progress on our Better for All commitments and efforts to decarbonize our business,” said Alisha Real, Director of Sustainability and Social Impact. “Building from our strong foundation and governance systems, a major focus of our efforts in the last year has been more transparency and a more holistic view of our value chain. We’ve learned a lot about the depth of interconnectivity between our world, communities, and associates, and are working even more closely with our stakeholders to address the many challenges that face the global food system.”

What additional progress will UNFI make toward its ESG goals in 2022? Keep reading AndNowUKnow for answers.

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