Volm Companies Explores Packaging Requirements, Evolution, and More; Marsha Pozza and Scott Knapkavage Discuss

Mon. July 19th, 2021 - by Melissa De Leon Chavez

ANTIGO, WI - The key to flexibility is movement without breaking. Unless we are talking about a mold, then Volm Companies is happy to break all day long, starting with how it is defined.

Marsha Pozza, Director of Marketing and Communications, Volm Companies“Volm is more than just a packaging provider,” Marsha Pozza, Director of Marketing and Communications, explains. “We make careful entrances into new markets. When we introduce something, it’s been certified, tested, and trialed before we make any claims.”

This is why Volm has spent more than a third of its existence going beyond the packaging into how it is utilized. In fact, of the 65-plus years Volm has been in the packaging business, over 25 have also been in equipment.

Volm Companies ensures that its products are certified, tested, and trialed before it makes any claims when introducing a new product to market

“As a solution provider, we have multiple paper options which can run on different machines, both existing equipment and new equipment,” Marsha shares. “Practically speaking, it takes much, much, more to support major retailers and worldwide customers in today’s produce world. Creatively speaking, you’ll always have the ‘stand-alone’ business ideas that pop up and focus on just one aspect. From packaging design and graphic development to full-line equipment integration, we are capable of what some of the other single-focused or one-idea businesses cannot provide.”

It is no secret that, as consumers and companies alike have become increasingly aware of lasting impacts on the Earth, packaging has been held under microscope, acknowledged for its necessity but challenged to improve its footprint. In this Volm has much to offer, but it is not materials Scott Knapkavage, Senior Product Manager, points to as the real hurdle.

Scott Knapkavage, Senior Product Manager, Volm CompaniesThe biggest focal point for North America in sustainable and flexible packaging options is certification,” Scott adds. “Paper packaging is not a new concept—European suppliers have had paper packaging for VFFS applications for years, but their standards are much different than North America’s standards.”

Here we circle back to the trials and tribulations Volm ensures it overcomes before even introducing a concept to market.

“We were among the first in the U.S. to get certification for recyclability/compostability with Bag-2-Paper and received certification from Western Michigan University (WMU) that claims our package is fully recyclable. We have also received certification from the Environmental Research and Innovation Center at UW-Oshkosh for compostability, and have years of development and experience in vertical form, fill, and seal packaging,” he tells me.

Volm Companies offers a multitude of packaging options, which work with both new and old equipment

Additionally, Volm offers paper rollstock with a recyclable cellulose window and is working with a supplier for paper rollstock with a paper mesh window, with plenty more on the horizon.

“Volm’s long heritage of partnership with our customers will withstand and offer the highest value,” Marsha promises in conclusion.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what mold Volm looks to break next as it continues to redefine what it means to be the full package.

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