Walmart Canada to Offer Grab & Go Options from Freshii

Mon. February 25th, 2019
- by Jessica Donnel     

TORONTO, ONTARIO - Consumers already know Walmart has their back for fast and convenient food, but what about for healthy options? In an effort to offer both ease and health to its shoppers, Walmart Canada is inviting Freshii products into the fold. Walmart Canada will offer a large, curated selection of salads, wraps, lunch kits, snacks, and cold pressed juices at 100 stores and online at by the end of April.

Bertrand Loumaye, Chief Merchandising Officer, Walmart Canada“We are always looking for new ways to offer our customers an expanded product assortment and added choice,” said Bertrand Loumaye, Chief Merchandising Officer, Walmart Canada. “We are pleased to collaborate with Freshii, a well-loved, local Canadian brand to bring our customers nutritious and on-the-go options in an affordable way.”

Walmart Canada is inviting Freshii products into its stores

To date, Walmart Canada is the only supermarket to offer Freshii’s fresh grab and go products, according to a press release. The fast-casual chain said it continues to be driven by the goal of making superfoods such as kale and quinoa convenient and affordable for everyone.

Matthew Corrin, Founder and CEO, Freshii“We are excited to collaborate with Walmart Canada to bring healthier, fresh food to every neighborhood,” said Freshii Founder and CEO Matthew Corrin. “Reaching Walmart Canada’s clientele is a huge step for our brand, and we look forward to winning the hearts of their customers.”

Will Walmart stores in U.S. and Mexico follow in their Canadian brethren’s footsteps? Time will tell, then ANUK will follow.

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