Western Growers Urges Industry Members to Comment on California’s Temperature Management Plan for the Sacramento River

Mon. June 8th, 2015 - by Christofer Oberst

Western Growers is urging industry members to make their voices heard this week in an effort to reinstate a critical plan that would provide much-needed water to farmers across the San Joaquin Valley.

California’s Temperature Management Plan for the Sacramento River would, according to Western Growers, pave the way for cooperative agreements among water districts throughout the Central Valley and provide moderate water supply relief to many San Joaquin Valley farmers.

To send your support to reinstate this plan to Governor Jerry Brown, please visit the link below. It only takes a few moments to send. Together as an industry, we can help tens of thousands of farmers keep their businesses running.


The Plan was agreed upon early last month. It resulted in several complex agreements in which water districts moved scarce water from areas with some to areas with none with the consent and support or the farmers they serve.

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) is expected to revisit its suspension of the plan as early as Wednesday this week, so your comments are needed urgently.

If the Plan is not reinstated, the result will be “turmoil and conflict as agreements are voided and communities turn to the courts to protect themselves rather than trying to work collaboratively to stretch water that keeps farms alive and farm workers working,” according to the message suggested by Western Growers for members contacting Gov. Brown.

Let’s all do our part and ensure that the suspension of this plan is lifted as soon as possible. Every comment counts!

Western Growers