Wildkale App is "Uber for Farmers Markets"

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Tue. September 12th, 2017 - by Eva Roethler

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Food, and the methods in which it arrives on consumer tables, is continuing to evolve along with technology. In the latest from the intersection of tech and food comes a new app, Wildkale, which is being lauded as “Uber for Farmers Markets.”

According to an article by Andrew Amelinckx posted on SmithsonianMag.com, the tech offers small and medium farms a platform to create virtual farm stands, and connects consumers directly to the farmers in their area.

Fresh produce delivered using WildKale

According to the source, consumers search the nearby area for available farms and order items a la carte, with a minimum order of $30 and a $5.99 shipping charge. After submitting, the order pops up on the vendor's end along with a packing label, and notifies UPS of the delivery. Wildkale provides the vendors with packaging. The order is harvested, packed, shipped, and received by the consumer within 24 hours. Wildkale takes a 25 percent cut of the order, which it claims is similar to the cost of getting product to traditional farmers markets.

This model is differentiated from others because there are no lengthy distribution channels or warehouses to pose logistical issues, according to the company website. Currently, the app is focused in the Northeast U.S., and will continue to expand nationwide as new farmers are added to the network.

Fresh produce delivered using WildKale

Will this new approach to digital farmers markets shift the competitive landscape in fresh produce? Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow as we continue to report.