Wonderful Company's VP of Marketing Adam Cooper on POM Wonderful

Wed. March 14th, 2018
- by Jordan Okumura     

CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - When I was a kid the only thing I knew of pomegranates, was that they grew outside my grandmother’s house in Sacramento, California, and had a sweet but tangy flavor that seemed foreign to me for years. Jump ahead just a few decades and the pomegranate is one of the most widely coveted fruits in the world.

Joining me to talk about the evolution of the fruit for The Wonderful Company is Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, who touches on the growth of the category and the operation’s blossoming POM Wonderful business.

Adam Cooper, Vice President of Marketing, Wonderful Company

“We currently have 9,000 acres of Wonderful Variety pomegranates in Central California. During fresh pomegranate season—running from October through January—consumers can also purchase POM POMS pomegranates arils, sometimes beyond the fresh season,” Adam shares with me, adding that POM POMS are ready-to-eat pomegranates, which allows the company to reach consumers looking for the sweet tart taste of its Wonderful variety pomegranates while also looking for convenience. “POM Wonderful is one of the largest growers and producers of fresh pomegranates in the United States.”

The Wonderful Company wrapped up its Wonderful POM POMS season at the end of January with the brand’s biggest season ever, reflecting a +37 percent increase in shipments compared to last season (2016-2017). The key to POM POMS success, Adam notes, includes cross-merchandising with POM Juice and keeping product in stock at primary and secondary display locations. When paired with berries and other fresh cut fruit, POM POMS help The Wonderful Company attract new customers and generate excitement.

“Throughout the season, The Wonderful Company promotes POM POMS with a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign that includes advertising, FSIs, in-store displays, online promotions, PR, and cross-merchandising efforts across our family of products,” Adam tells me. “Our Crazy Healthy campaign which runs in print and broadcast runs throughout the year and elevates awareness for both juice and POM POMs.”

The Wonderful Company

In addition, the company launched four packs of 4.3 oz. cups in Costco that brought in new consumers. Because of the company’s success with POM POMS, POM Juice, and other brands, The Wonderful Company continues to add more and more dollars to the produce department for retail partners.

Current movements in consumer buying behaviors have shown that they are increasingly looking for easy and convenient solutions to better snacking.

“Our POM POMS offer that convenience of our delicious Fresh Pomegranates but in easy on-the-go packaging. POM continues to be uniquely positioned in the produce department, cross-selling our family of products,” Adam says. “When POM POMS cross promote with POM Wonderful 100 percent Pomegranate Juice, consumers can bundle the two products for a grab-n-go, healthy meal.”

The Wonderful Company's POM POMs

POM POMS bins feature both fresh pomegranates and 100 percent Juice, and both include $1 off any two POM Wonderful product coupons on tear pad coupons.

“We focus on reaching consumers in-store where they are looking for convenient, great tasting and healthy fruits, “ Adam shares. “For instance, we merchandise POM Arils with berries in the berry cooler to drive trial. The association in the berry cooler reinforces that POM POMs are perfect for snacking or throwing on simple recipe, just like the other berries. We’ve found retailers get four times the velocity when they merchandise in the berry cooler. The cut-fruit section is also great because they are grab-n-go, healthy coolers and consumers are looking for something healthy, delicious, and convenient.”

Curious to see what The Wonderful Company has in store for its 2018 pomegranate season? Stay tuned to AndNowUKnow for more on this category leader.

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