Frieda’s Steps up to Help You Survive at PMA

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Tue. October 15th, 2019 - by ANUK Staff

LOS ALAMITOS, CA - PMA Fresh Summit 2019 is here, which means making connections, spotting innovation, and having fun. But it can also mean the onset of hangovers, headaches, and foot blisters. While you’re out walking the convention floor, look for your friends in purple. Frieda’s team will be in and around the convention center at the ready with aids to help you “survive” the nation’s largest produce convention.

Alex Berkley, Director of Sales, Frieda’s “Part of our culture is going above and beyond, and we want to bring that to PMA with us this year,” says Alex Berkley, Frieda’s Director of Sales. For years, we have been saying, “What if we can equip our clients with a trade show survival kit, to help them get the most out of the show?”

Well this year, it’s happening! Frieda’s on-site teams will be armed to address survival needs for PMA attendees. Have a headache from that extra cocktail last night? Got some heartburn from the guacamole you just sampled? Is a blister from those new shoes holding you back? Just look for the folks in purple.

Frieda’s on-site teams will be armed to address the survival needs for PMA Fresh Summit attendees

“It will be easy to spot our teams,” Berkley says. “We’ll be the ones in purple shirts that say ‘Got your back’ because Frieda’s always has your back.”

We’ll see you at the show.

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