Generation Farms Announces New Look

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Thu. July 30th, 2020 - by ANUK Staff

VIDALIA, GA - Generation Farms today unveiled an updated logo and branding, including a version that highlights organics.

The logo is being featured on packaging for its growing line of fresh conventional products, as well as the company’s website, sales collateral, LinkedIn profile, and all corporate communications materials.

Gastón Marquevich, Chief Executive Officer, Generation Farms"The new logo honors our existing brand and the multi-generational farming history synonymous with the Generation Farms name, while pointing to the company’s bold future," said Gastón Marquevich, CEO. "The rising sun symbolizes our emergence as a leader in global produce production and distribution, while the crop rows and leaf are reflective of our diverse agriculture portfolio."

The updated look is casual and contemporary, which will appeal to today’s shoppers on packaging and in-store displays supporting retailers in merchandising fresh produce for increased consumption.

Generation Farms today unveiled an updated logo and branding, including a version that highlights organics

An adapted version of the new logo prominently accentuates and promotes the company’s expanding organic line, and reflects the growing importance of organics in Generation Farms’ production to meet retailer needs and consumer demand.

Brian Stanley, Director of Sales, Generation Farms"As Generation Farms has evolved over the years, we’ve kept the best of the past, while always innovating and working to stay one step ahead," added Brian Stanley, Director of Sales. "The new look is a fresh presentation of how we’ve always run our farms, and emphasizes organics, which are an important part of our story."

Karen Nardozza, President and Chief Executive Officer, Moxxy MarketingKaren Nardozza, President and CEO of Moxxy Marketing said, "We wanted to retain the equity and recognition Generation Farms had built over the years, so we updated just a few elements of the conventional logo to modernize it and evoke an optimistic, forward-looking feeling, as well as give appropriate prominence to the organic line."

The simplicity of the design makes the logo stand out and reproduce cleanly on a variety of packaging and communication materials, and will assure consistency of the brand’s presentation across all media.

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