Holtzinger Fruit Company Hires Paul Montmeny as Sales Manager

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Wed. October 8th, 2014 - by ANUK Staff

Yakima, WA – 10/7/2014

Holtzinger Fruit Company, Yakima, WA. welcomes Paul Montmeny a retail and produce sales veteran, as its Sales Manager. Montmeny comes to Holtzinger with 25+ years in the Apple/Berry industry. “Paul approaches the marketing of Washington State Apples with a sense of urgency and intensity that is unmatched and has an exceptional perspective and understanding on meeting the needs of customers and the requirements of growers” said Steve Black, Director of Sales, Holtzinger Fruit Company.

Paul brings Holtzinger a diversity of experience in marketing/selling apples, with successes in international and domestic program development.

“As a leading packer for the independent grower it is important we employ unique individuals who have first-hand knowledge of customer and grower needs.  As with all our sales staff, Paul’s highest priority will be as a ‘matchmaker’, ensure happy growers and customers” added Black.

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