United Fresh Produce Association's New re-Fresh Experience Continues With Food Safety, Shopper Marketing, and Sustainability

Tue. January 12th, 2021
- by ANUK Staff     

WASHINGTON, DC - After a successful launch of the first two sessions in a series of ten, United Fresh will continue to gather the industry for the next three United re-Fresh Experience sessions which began Tuesday, January 12, 2021. The United re-Fresh Experience takes place throughout the month of January, guiding the industry through business strategies and objectives to meet the needs of our new reality.

Catherine Baggot, Senior Customer Development Manager, Taylor Farms Retail“The first two sessions of the United re-Fresh Experience were exceptional,” said Catherine Baggott, Senior Customer Development Manager, Taylor Farms Retail. “Not only has the content exceeded my expectations, but the dialogue among attendees also has been engaging. It’s rewarding to see so many new and familiar faces come together for these experiences in the new year.”

Each curated experience has been developed to be able to learn from experts, but then also engage immediately in peer-to-peer break-out discussions. The 90-minute sessions begin with a presentation, followed by dedicated discussions in break out rooms on the same topic.

Mike Mallon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, American Packaging Company“The second week of the United re-Fresh Experience introduces the first marketing session on changing shopper behaviors which is the crux of our structured marketing strategies,” said Mike Mallon, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, American Packaging Company. “New research will be introduced to help us understand new shopper preferences and how we can better serve them through sales and marketing.”

The United re-Fresh Experience will continue with the following sessions:

Amanda Griffin, Vice President of Education and Program Management, United Fresh Produce AssociationFrom diversity and inclusion to food safety, shopper marketing to rebuilding restaurant and hospitality, the United re-Fresh Experience touches on our most critical topics for the new year,” said Amanda Griffin, United Fresh Vice President, Education and Program Management. “I look forward to continuing to gather with the industry in this new and unique way as we advance business in a refreshed frame of mind.”

There are several ways to participate in the United re-Fresh Experience. Individuals can choose to register a-la-carte for each session at the fee of $100 per session for United Fresh members ($150 for non-members).

To save, companies and individuals can purchase a United re-Fresh Experience ten-session package for $795 for United Fresh members ($1,095 for non-members), accessing the first two session presentations on-demand. Register by visiting www.unitedfresh.org.

United Fresh Produce Association has announced that new re-Fresh sessions will continue to take place throughout January after the success of its first two sessions

To save even more, companies and individuals can purchase United’s annual SmartPass Education Package which includes registration to the Association’s three annual events, United re-Fresh Experience, the United Fresh Convention and Expo, and the United Fresh Washington Conference. The SmartPass offers further savings and the convenience of a single registration for multi-event access.

For more about the United re-Fresh Experience, contact Amanda Griffin.

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