4Earth Farms Introduces New Packaging for Organic Mini Sweet Peppers

Mon. October 10th, 2016 - by Laura Hillen

LOS ANGELES, CA – Making a merchandising splash to answer flourishing consumer demand, 4Earth Farms LLC has announced a new handle bag for its Organic Mini Sweet Peppers. 

Mark Munger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, 4Earth Farms

“We have seen tremendous growth in our Organic Mini Sweet Peppers sales over the past year,” stated 4Earth Farms Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Munger. “This new handle bag pack will make merchandising them even easier for our retailers and is a wonderful addition to the full line of our 4Earth Organics retail products.” 

The company stated in a press release that consumers will be able to enjoy their favorite organic mini sweet peppers with the new and engaging packaging. The new 1 lb bag offers retailers further options for merchandising and purchase opportunities, to capitalize on the categories growing sales.

New Mini Sweet Peppers Packaging

4Earth Farms divulged that consumers are clamoring for its organic mini sweet peppers as they are delicious right out of the bag, or roasted in the oven, sautéed in the skillet, or any other endless number of ways the product can be prepared. 

“We have been building our 4Earth Organics product line over the past several years to help solve the needs of our retailers,” continued Munger. “We have developed a family of packaging that looks great on the shelf, assures an organic ring, provides year-round quality and supply, while reducing shrink, and delivering profitable SKUs to the organic offering. This new pack does all this and more!” 

The 4Earth Organic Mini Sweet Peppers are available in 12/1 lb cases.

As the company continues to introducing new innovations to its lineup of vertically integrated conventional, organic, and specialty grower-packer-shipper operations, AndNowUKnow will have the latest.

4Earth Farms